19 Jul 2018
Your skin endures a lot. Every day, natural and environmental triggers work to change its structure from inside and out – speeding up the aging process and resulting in uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity.
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NEW BioLumin-C Serum
18 Jun 2018
Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or an in-depth facial, Dermalogica's professional skin treatments are completely tailored to your skin's needs. Check out the different services a Dermalogica SKin Therapist offers. Whether it is a 10 minute treatment or a 60 minute treatment, all services can include technology - always depending on your skin needs and goals.
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Dermalogica Treatments
2 May 2018
Dear esteemed followers, Proudly we would like to inform you that Evagarden Make-up is once again the OFFICIAL make up brand for the most renowned fashion event of the year, The 20th edition of the Chamilia Malta Fashion Awards. After last year's successful make-up workshops we will be re introducing new exciting workshops focusing on the latest make up trends of 2018.
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Evagarden Personal Make-up workshops
26 Apr 2018
Sleep problems constitute a global epidemic that affects health and quality of life for up to 45% of the world’s population. When it comes to your skin care routine, sleep is a crucial component for the skin’s recovery from the assaults of the day.
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NEW Sound Sleep Cocoon
23 Feb 2018
Sensitive skin means something different to everyone. Some interpret it as mild, occasional flare-ups, while others have redness and discomfort so intense they never want to leave the house. Sensitivity affects every skin type, from dry to oily – and causes vary from genetics to triggers like stress, diet, cosmetic ingredients, allergies and pollution. With so many variables, what causes your sensitive skin can be tough to pinpoint – and even tougher to avoid.
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NEW UltraCalming Duo
17 Nov 2017
It's going to be a great Friday! Dear Dermalogica fans, make sure you visit a participating Dermalogica stockist on Friday 24th November for your Dermalogica deal...
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Dermaogica goes Black
30 Oct 2017
Take it all off with NEW PreCleanse Balm! The dirt: Did you know that the average person only spends 20 seconds cleansing their skin? That's not enough to get off all the make-up, sunscreen, excess sebum (oil) and environmental pollutants that build up throughout the day. Plus, today's formulas are designed to stay on the skin for longer wear, so it takes more than a single surfactant or soap-based cleanser to get everything off. NEW PreCleanse Balm cuts through the buildup in just one application, setting the stage for your healthiest-looking skin ever.
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Precleanse Balm Now Available
31 Jul 2017
WIN the NEW Nightly Lip Treatment Be one of the first dermalogica followers to get your hands on the NEW Nightly Lip Ttreatment. The latest product innovation by dermalgica set to smoothe feather and laugh lines while you sleep! All you have to do is simply show us your best photo of your lips on Instagram and you are in the chance of winning the Nightly Lip Treatment. How ?
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WIN The New Nightly Lip Treatment
26 Jul 2017
New Anti-Aging Lip and Perioral Treatment Leaves Feathering to the Birds Say goodnight to lip lines: Dermalogica’s new Nightly Lip Treatment smooths away laugh and feather lines while you sleep. This rich overnight formula firms, hydrates, and restores skin on and around the lips , improves skin elasticity, and helps control aging before it starts.
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New Nightly Lip Treatment by Dermalogica
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