Make Up

Below is a list of all the courses we offer. If you prefer, you can view courses within the calendar view.

Induction Make-Up Course

Do you have a passion for make-up? Are you considering pursuing a career in make-up? You have no previous experience but your dream is to become a professional in make-up. Then this is the course to embark and be exposed to make-up artistry. This is your first step to becoming an accomplished make up artist, providing comprehensive training from bridal to beauty make-up. 

Intensive Make-up Course

So are you ready to be part of the crazy world of Makeup artistry? Of course you are! It’s fun, intense, and requires lengthy hours of practice to: reach perfectionism, a professional career and become a real talented artist! Our intensive course guarantees all this! Thanks to our team of professionals, our syllabus covers all the techniques required to study the art of beauty makeup.

One to One Personal Make up Workshop

One to One Make up Workshops on various themes of your choice. During these sessions you will have the opportunity to focus on what you want to learn. 

* When booking 3 sessions you will recieve a discount of €15, it will cost you €30 instead of €35 per session.              This session is all about you .....


Celebrity Contouring Workshop

Learn all about this illusional technique, from sculpting the nose to enhancing the cheekbones, brightening the eyes to emphasising the pout.

Using a range of different products, lighting techniques and knowledge of working with High definition cameras.

Professional Make up for Stage and Perfoming Arts
Biocare Academy is excited to launch this new makeup course for stage and performing arts. The course is ideal for those who are already qualified in makeup or share a passion for theatre and performing arts and would like to further their makeup skills.
During this course you will learn how to work with suitable products, choosing the right tools and understanding the required tricks and techniques to design and create unlimited looks; from aging an actor, various fantasy looks and many other characters. 
The main job of the makeup artist during a theatre production is to transform the cast and to bring the vision of the script writer & Art director to life. It is the Makeup Artist`s work and usage of stage & character makeup that will help bring success to a stage/performing arts production. 
Cosmetic Camouflage workshop

Learn the techniques and approach required to use Dermacolor for this sensitive area of make-.up

Drag Workshop

This workshop will teach you how to minimise masculine features, block out eyebrows and how to create a cut crease eye make-up for those dramatic, drag looks.

Group Personal Make Up Workshops

You will learn step by step tips and techniques on how to apply your Make up. Learn about all the different products you can use and the know how of application. We also offer Various Themes of workshops, focusing on topics you prefer.

Gather a group of 5 friends including you for a private workshop of 3 lessons of 2hrs each. Minimum of 6 people. For gathering your group you will benefit from a 50% discount.