Intensive Makeup Course
Very professional courses thar prepare you for the working environment
Taking up the make-up course at Biocare was a really good choice and it was really wonderful. Lessons where very detailed and interesting.
Very well organised company. Very helpful teacher and they make you feel very at ease. Interesting lesson, very nice atmosphere + premises very modern, well kept and very up-to-date
I would like to thank Biocare for a wonderful experience. All employees at Biocare Academy are very helpful with whatever you need. I learned a lot at Biocare and not just how to apply make-up but also how to take care of yourself and your client. Thankyou!
Learning to apply make-up with Biocare Academy was a very good experience, The standards of the school are very high with professional teachers, welcoming staff and great opportunities.
As a student of the academy, the experience was a pleasant one, the lessons are very informative and students are free to participate, the staff is very helpful and friendly. Overall it was a great experience.
It is a very nice experience learning with the company Biocare Academy. There are very friendly staff to work with, and they give you more attention when you learned.
It has been very informative. I learned new techniques in make-up. School as very wel equipped with that we needed for course. It was value for money.
Thankyou for giving me the chance to take up this experience. I now feel more confident to apply make-up on my clients & I learnt a lot. Looking forward for the next module
It was a great experience, and although everything we did, I did it earlier in another course. It is always good to refresh your memory and improve your techniques
It was a very positive and unique experience which makes you better in your work. I can now correct my mistakes and better my application. I look forward to more courses.
It was a nice experience. I learned more techniques and how to learn the consumer.
I would like to thank Ms. Yvonne and Ms. Maria. Thank you very much for everything you have taught us :) It was a real pleasure to be your student. I also want to give special thanks to Lucianne who from day 1 always greeted me with a beautiful smile, and also all the personnel at Biocare, you are the best as you always made me feel at home. Thank you xxxx
I stumbled upon Biocare quite by chance as it is easily missed if one is not looking well.What a find!..I quickly enrolled for a Nail Technician's course and I am currently half way through my training…The lessons are conducted in a very clean and pleasant environment and The general atmosphere is very cheerful and calming. I cannot praise enough the professional and skillful manner in which we are taught. We are always pushed to do better whilst at the same time receiving a lot of encouragement for our efforts. Biocare Academy has to be one of Malta's leading nail technicians learning centres and I unequivocally recommend it to all. Regards,
The Beauty Course was a great experience from which I learnt a lot. Every lesson was interesting and enjoyable thanks to our wonderful teacher Yvonne and the great environment in which we worked.
Llast October I’ve started my Intensive Make up course... Intensive in every sense. An outstanding way to learn how to become a professional make-up artist... a course which I truly recommend to anyone who wants to learn the best way! A big thanks goes to the amazing tutor Jean Pillow.
On the Graduation night : What a great night. Biocare and PHBS are the best!!
Being my first time as a student at Biocare Academy, I am extremely happy! Such a nice environment, clean and friendly staff. The teachers are amazing, this makes studying and pursuing my dream much easier, and so much more fun!! I would highy recommend this Academy!!
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