How does Facebook Spaces work?

Facebook Spaces is a virtual reality (VR) app developed by Facebook that lets you invite and interact with up to 3 of your Facebook friends using a VR device. Right now, you can download Facebook Spaces for Oculus Rift or HTC Vive . Once you open Facebook Spaces in VR, you'll be asked to take off your headset and log into your Facebook account.
Interacting in Your Space
When you open Facebook Spaces, you'll join your own private space with an interactive dock in the center of the table. From here, you can do the following things by pointing with your index finger and tapping the following options on the dock:
  • Media: Tap to view photos and videos in your space. Once selected, you can browse media from the following locations:
    • Saved: Photos and videos you've saved on Facebook.
    • Timeline: Photos and videos you've created and shared.
    • Following: Photos and videos shared by friends and pages you follow.
    • Explore: 360 photos and videos suggested for you.
  • Tools: Tap to use the following tools:
    • Mirror: Use to check out how you look in VR.
    • Marker: Use to draw pictures that you can duplicate or save to look at later.
    • Selfie Stick: Use to take photos of yourself.
    Note: Turn on Experimental Mode from settings to access additional tools and features.
  • Friends: Tap to invite your Facebook friends to your space or give them a Messenger video call in VR.
  • Appearance: Tap to create or edit how you look in VR.
  • Drawings: Tap to view marker drawings or 3D objects you've created or saved from your timeline.
  • Groups: Tap to connect and interact with other people in VR who are part of the same Facebook groups as you.
  • Settings: Tap to adjust your settings.
  • Move: Tap to move around the table in your space.
Creating and Customizing Your Look in VR
You can choose from recently tagged photos of yourself on Facebook to help create your look in VR that your friends will see in your space or when you make a Messenger call in VR.
To create or customize your look in VR:
  1. Use your index finger to tap Appearance on your dock.
  2. Reach out and use the grip trigger on your Touch controller to grab one of your photos and then tap the look you like.
  3. Customize your look by tapping the facial feature you want to change in your reflection.
Once you create your look in VR, you can pick up the 2 folders on the table to customize the color of your shirt or add glasses.
Joining and Leaving a Space
If one of your Facebook friends is using Facebook Spaces, you can invite them to join your space or you can request to join theirs. You can only invite or join the spaces of people you're friends with on Facebook, unless you're using Groups in Facebook Spaces.
To invite or request to join a space:
  1. Use your index finder to tap Friends on your dock.
  2. Below Active in Facebook Spaces, tap the friend you want to hangout with.
  3. Tap Invite to invite your friend to your space or Request to Join to join their space.
  4. To leave a space you've joined, tap Leave on your dock.
When you receive an invite request, rotate your left wrist towards you to accept or deny.
Joining and Leaving a Group
Groups in Facebook Spaces allow you to connect and interact with other people in VR who are part of the same Facebook groups as you. You don't have to be friends with other members of a group, but do need to be members of the same Facebook group in order to join groups in Spaces. To join or start a group in Facebook Spaces:
  1. Use your index finger to tap Groups on your dock.
  2. Tap a Facebook group you'd like to join.
  3. Tap Go Visit to join an existing group or Create Space to create and host a new one.
To leave a group space, tap on the inside of your left wrist.
Adjusting Your Settings
You can adjust your settings by tapping Settings on your dock. From here, you can adjust the following things:
  • Reset Personal Space: Tap Reset to reset your space to its original settings. All drawings or content will be removed.
  • Adjust Table Position: Tap Adjust and then grab the handle on the table to raise or lower it. When you're finished, tap OK.
  • Remember Account: Using this setting will remember your account so you don't have to enter your login info the next time you use Facebook Spaces.
  • Log Out: Tap Log Out to log out of the current account.
You can also recenter your table by rotating your right wrist away from you and tapping .
Reporting a Bug
If something isn't working with Facebook Spaces, you can report a bug. Keep in mind Facebook won't respond to bug reports, so we won't be able to troubleshoot your issue.
To report a bug:
  1. Take off your headset and click Report Bug in the bottom right.
  2. Below Description, tell us about your problem.
  3. Click Submit.
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