“Immerse yourself into the ocean and feel its benefits”.

Thalion's natural ingredients include algae extracts carefully harvested to give its users a product packed with highly beneficial vital minerals and vitamins. It invites you to return to the source of well-being, thus experiencing pleasure and serenity.

Thalion’s body treatments range from luxurious relaxation treatments to customized body treatments for slimming, contouring, firming and skin nourishing.

This is what makes Thalion a unique spa brand.

Thanks to its benefits from the ocean, Thalion is also well known for its Face line and purifying Face treatments covering moisturising, soothing, anti-aging and whitening signature treatments.


Thalion's main ingredients (seaweeds), come from the best harvesting marine fields located close to the Iroise Sea (classified by Unesco as a world biosphere reserve).

"Our unique techniques of seaweed harvesting, allow us to preserve all the precious active ingredients to be used in our formulae prepared by our laboratories ..."
"Our cosmetic preparation are formulated through a very close cooperation between our own research laboratories, world known scientific partners and prestigious Thalassotherapy centers ......"

"Why Thalion? Thal'ion within 10 years of its creation, has become a leader in its field as it is the only brand of marine cosmetics to integrate the whole seaweed processing from harvesting to the final cosmetic product"

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